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Angry Grandpa Goes Berserk

NSFW language (ie. **** Fig Newton). Angry Grandpa is a Youtube account that follows a crazy old man who is often pranked, throwing the guy into fits of rage. Some say it's all an act, but nevertheless the latest video showed a destructive Angry Grandpa who didn't take Carolina's loss to Denver in Super Bowl…

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Super Bowl Party in Space

Most football fans will make it a point to watch the Super Bowl, even if they're spending a year on the International Space Station. Astronaut Scott Kelly held his very own Super Bowl party yesterday, but unfortunately everyone he invited couldn't make it. On account of him being in space. He did capture the moment…

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Super Bowl Fans Don't Like Tom Brady

Super Bowl 50 had many big events that paid tribute to the best ever to play the game. In the pre-game ceremony they brought out all of the former Super Bowl MVPs on the field. The crowd did not have a very warm welcome though for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Clippit Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty…

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Super Bowl Concession Prices Are Outrageous

Levi's Stadium had some ridiculous prices for their concessions at the Super Bowl yesterday. Check out some pictures that were tweeted of the concession prices. Would you pay this much for any of the items? Darren Rovell on Twitter Jim Wyatt on Twitter Jim Wyatt on Twitter

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He's Sleeping On The Couch For A While

A Broncos fan decided he wanted to go to the Super Bowl to watch his team play, so he bought a ticket. The problem is, he paid $21,000 for four tickets, and decided he didn't need to consult his wife prior to the purchase. He's more than likely in the doghouse now, and is probably…

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Papa John Out of Nowhere

Peyton Manning just won the Super Bowl. And while he is trying to get his Super Bowl Champion hat, out of absolutely nowhere the Papa himself comes in for a celebratory cheek kiss. This might be a bromance, or it might be Papa John taking care of his well-known spokesperson. @World_Wide_Wob's post on Vine

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You Know It's Bad When You Get Advice From Charlie Sheen

Johnny Manziel's life is going downhill. His own father was quoted saying if he doesn't change he might not see his 24th birthday. Now, Charlie Sheen is offering up some advice to the young quarterback. You know things can't get much worse when Charlie Sheen offers up some advice. Not good, Johnny. Not good. Charlie…

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Ultimate Manning Face

That moment you realize your brother now has the same amount of Super Bowl victories as you..... You know what the next Thanksgiving conversation will be now. Eli Manning is SO EXCITED for his brother, Peyton.

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Son Fights, Parents Pumped!

You don't have to be that great a lip-reader to see Darnell Nurse's mom & dad were FIRED UP about their son's 2nd career NHL fight. The Oilers went on to win 7-2 against the Senators.