Pistons’ Andre Drummond Goes to Prom

Andre Drummond is making sure he’s having fun despite not being in the NBA Playoffs. The Pistons big man made good on his promise that he’d go to a fan’s high school prom earlier this week. West Bloomfield High School student Raquel Smith asked Drummond to go to her prom back in January. The Team USA…

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Prince Fielder’s Foul Ball Makes Woman’s Nachos Explode

Nachos are a double-edged sword. They are absolutely delicious but can be quite messy. Who eats nachos with a fork? You’re even more at risk at a baseball game as this poor woman found out during Thursday night’s Rangers-Red Sox contest. As Deadspin shares, former Tiger Prince Fielder hit a foul ball that landed in…

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Biker Delivers Vicious Headbutt to Truck Driver

Road rage is terrible, but sometimes seeing a jerk get what he deserves is gratifying. As the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show shares, a biker was almost ran off the road from a hillbilly in his truck. The guy on the bike decided to confront the aggressor, which is usually never a good idea.…

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Miguel Cabrera Avoids Injury

It appears that Miguel Cabrera has avoided injury after being struck by a pitch on Thursday night against the Angels. A third inning pitch by C.J. Wilson struck Cabrera on his surgically repaired right foot. Manager Brad Ausmus says the ball hit Cabrera closer to the toes than the area of his offseason surgery to…