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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Name : Audrey Russman

      Age: 22

      City: Detroit

      3 words to describe yourself : Outgoing, Optimistic, and Ambitious

      Favorite sports team : Detroit Tigers

      Best physical feature : My Eyes

      Favorite Mascot : Hooper

      Favorite thing to do in Detroit : Having a dinner and drinks with friends in Greektown, and seeing bands at the Fox and Masonic Temple.

      Sports previously played/currently played : I have always been big into Volleyball!

      Hobbies : Photography, Art, and Dance.

      Favorite sport and why : Baseball, it’s the American past time, and I never get bored watching a game!

      One thing people don’t know about me : I do Yoga every morning when I wake up.

      Favorite food to eat at a game : Can never go wrong with beer and bacon on a stick!