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College Football

Sean Blog: The B1G

My team is going to dominate! Its safe to say that the 2016 Big Ten Season is one of the most anticipated ever around our parts.  Unlike 2012, many, including me, think that this season is going to live up to the advanced hype. If you recall, 2012 was a highly anticipated season as well,…

SMM - Motivational Speeches

Maz jumped off the Tigers bandwagon Monday morning… but has returned to the land of wonderment following the Tigers 3-game win streak. Sean suspected the Tigers were lifted up by a motivational speech… which one, though, is the question. The guys rolled through a few of the more famous ones from the past, check 'em…
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& Maz

Maz Blog: Hey Vegas, here comes the NHL!

I remember it like it was yesterday, only it was 37 years ago to the day. The NHL welcomed four teams from the recently defunct WHA into the fold. The Quebec Nordiques, Winnepeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers with Wayne Gtetzky and Gordie Howe's Hartford Whalers turned the NHL into a 21 team league. Well today Gary Bettman…