87-Year-Old Dodges Prostitution Sting

Howard Klein of Grand Rapids is the coolest. 'The Man' tried setting him up in a prostitution sting but those whippersnappers can't keep him behind bars. The Kent County Prosecutor decided not to pursue charges so we dialed up Howard to congratulate him on his legal victory... listen right here. Photo: Stewart F. House/Getty Images News
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Random Phone Calls Part 32

In this edition of 'Randoms', Drew & Marc dial up an old cantankerous Indiana man tossing urine on local mischievous children and then go overseas to talk with YouTube prankster Stuart Valentino who's wife recently bailed after a new penis popped up on Stuart's body... check it all out right here. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images News
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Richard 'White Boy Rick' Wershe Joins Drew & Marc

Convicted under the now defunct 650-Lifer Law in 1988 at age 17 for possession of cocaine, Richard Wershe remains behind bars after 27 years. Drew & Marc have followed the story for some time and right here White Boy Rick & Scott Burnstein join the guys right here to discuss his story and any new updates...…
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