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His teammates clearly agree with that since they made him a captain.</p> <p>Hearing that the players have put in place an in-house discipline for committing those penalties says to me that leadership is shifting. It turns out the players themselves have decided to run a half gasser (back-and-forth the width of the field) after practice on Wednesdays for every personal foul penalty committed.</p> <p>As a player I'll tell you that those rules sound good before the season, but once you have to actually execute them it's an entirely different story. Particularly this past Wednesday -- it was over 90 degrees in Allen Park and players were definitely feeling the heat and humidity.</p> <p>Regardless of the camaraderie, players are going to get angry real fast if personal foul penalties continue and they have to keep running as a consequence.</p> <p>That is, however, the kind of locker room accountability that has been missing from this team for quite some time. It is also the kind of accountability that helps a team with talent take that next step. Teams that win have leaders that hold their teammates accountable. </p> <p>It will be interesting to see this week if this leadership strategy translates to fewer penalties -- and, ultimately, a win -- on Sunday.</p> <p>Follow Lions Insider, Herman Moore on Twitter @HMAN84 </p>http://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/13/herman-moore-how-locker-room-accountability-helps-the-lionshttp://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/13/herman-moore-how-locker-room-accountability-helps-the-lionsFri, 13 Sep 2013 15:08:00 GMTHerman Moore: What We Can Take Away from Season Opener?<p>What I took away from Sunday’s game was the fact that the Lions had every opportunity to give the game away, but they didn’t.</p> <p>The first half was filled with missed opportunities, stalled drives and penalties that negated scores, but this team set those aside and came away with a victory. I think the success of the running game and quick-passing game played a big role in that. Defenses have historically loaded up the secondary against this team due to lack of success in that area.</p> <p>In the season opener, that came back to bite the Vikings. They played the Lions the same way they have in recent seasons, which allowed Reggie Bush and Joique Bell to combine for 283 yards and three touchdowns. No doubt that kind of production created confidence within the unit as a whole. The ability to go out and attack defenses instead of reacting to the opponent had to empower that offense.</p> <p>Hopefully the Lions can hold onto that mentality throughout the week and carry it into Arizona</p> <p>Follow Lions Insider, Herman Moore on Twitter @HMAN84 </p> <p>Follow The New Sports Detroit 105.1 on Twitter @DSports1051</p>http://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/12/herman-moore-what-we-can-take-away-from-season-openerhttp://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/12/herman-moore-what-we-can-take-away-from-season-openerThu, 12 Sep 2013 14:53:00 GMTHerman Moore: This Season's Lions Will...<p>Can the Detroit Lions win the NFC North? That is the big question.</p> <p>My opinion: yes, they can. </p> <p>Here’s the caveat: they can as long as they believe they can.</p> <p>This year’s team is talented enough to win the North, but they have to consistently make the right plays, be in the right position and have the right amount of swagger and confidence to believe that they belong at the top.</p> <p>Most of the time we look at football as being a physical game, but the mental part is what ultimately makes or breaks a football club.</p> <p>A huge part of establishing that will be handedly beating the Minnesota Vikings -- a division opponent and that also looks to compete for the NFC North title -- on Sunday. </p> <p>The Lions need to make a statement.</p> <p>That would not only build morale within the locker room, but it would mean a lot to the franchise as a whole in renewing fan faith in the organization. </p> <p>A win would also reassure the management team in their ability to take this team beyond simply being competitive to being a championship-caliber football team.</p> <p>The Lions definitely have the ability to make that statement and there is no better place to do so than at Ford Field in front of a sellout crowd.</p> <p>Follow our Football Insider, Herman Moore on Twitter @HMAN84</p>http://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/07/herman-moore-this-seasons-lions-willhttp://www.detroitsports1051.com/hermanmoore/2013/09/07/herman-moore-this-seasons-lions-willSat, 07 Sep 2013 18:40:00 GMT