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Is 'April In The D' Officially Back?

By Erick Lehman, Detroit Sports 105.1

The "April in the D" tag is typically tied with the Detroit Tigers.

More often than not, Detroit fans use that term when watching a Tigers game, preparing for a Tigers game, or when the Tigers season begins. Occasionally, you'll see the term used with the Detroit Red Wings, but very rarely with the Detroit Pistons.

But now, the term can really be put to use.

This year, April 2016, will consist of the typical Tigers regular season games, and the Red Wings in the playoffs, per the usual. But what is different this year is the Pistons. The Pistons are making their first playoff appearance since 2009.

The return to relevance in the NBA means the viewership will likely be up, as playoff basketball is as great an atmosphere as playoff hockey.

The Red Wings are set to begin their playoff run on Wednesday April 13th in Tampa Bay, and the Pistons will begin either Saturday April 16th, or Sunday April 17th.

The Tigers will continue their regular season games with 19 games in the rest of the month of April.

It is safe to say with all three team playing deep into April, that "April in the D" is officially back.

While it never really went away, could you truly call it April in the D with only two teams continuing play in the month?

It should be a very exciting month of sports in Detroit, no matter how the teams got in the playoffs, they're in.