Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Draymond Throws Shade Towards Michigan

Former Spartan Draymond Green is like basically every other Spartan and ex-Spartan, they all hate Michigan.

Green was asked about the NCAA tournament in a radio interview on Tuesday and had some strong words about the Wolverines and their fans.

"I despise Michigan..Just realizing how they are. They're super arrogant..The arrogance that they carry is just ridiculous," Green said on KNBR.

Green went on about Michigan football on KNBR as well, "They're like the has-beens. 'We've got the most wins in CFB history.' Like yeah cuz y'all were going in 500 BC," Green said.

You may remember last week when Green called out a reporter who was wearing a Michigan shirt. He definitely hates the University of Michigan, and as a former Spartan, rightfully so.