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MSU Earns A Two Seed, Michigan In A Play-In

The NCAA tournament bracket is out, and the verdict is in.

The Michigan State Spartans who deserved a one seed ended up getting slotted as a two seed.

The Michigan Wolverines who were on the bubble for the past few weeks may have sealed their fate with a buzzer-beater victory over Indiana, the regular season Big Ten champion, on Friday.  They ended up earning a play-in game for the 11th seed in the East region. A victory would set them up in a game against Notre Dame in Brooklyn.

Michigan State may not have gotten the one seed, but with the two seed they were given an easier opportunity to make the Elite 8. If the Spartans make it to the Elite 8, they will likely face Virginia, a team they have knocked out the past two years of the tournament.

Michigan will play Wednesday night in their play-in game at 9:10 p.m against Tulsa, if they win they will face Notre Dame on Friday at 9:40 p.m.

Michigan State opens up at 2:45 on Friday against Middle Tennessee State.