Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

2 Goalies At Once?

A New Jersey High School Hockey Team had an unusual defensive strategy when they took the ice on Sunday. Tenafly High School, a smaller public program decided to start two goalies at the same time against the larger and nationally ranked private school, St Josephs. Tenafly High has been having a rough season with only two seniors on the roster. They had been out scored 17-4 in the two games leading up to Sunday night.

Andy Escala, the head coach at Tenafly tried to have the match up against powerhouse St. Josephs Canceled. “I had expressed to them, ‘Hey, listen, this is what my team is comprised of. I have two seniors, most of my team is freshmen and sophomores. …We’re trying to build, I don’t think it’s going to be beneficial for either team,'” Escala said. “But they insisted on playing the game.”

Ultimately, the unique line up decision did not go as planned. Tenafly was penalized with a 2 minute "delay of game" of game penalty, and forced to return to a one goalie line up. Tenafly lost the game 10-0....