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Matt Dery's Weekend Recap

  1. The Lions are pathetic.
  2. Michigan showed its heart and mettle Saturday night in Minnesota.  That is probably a game that team should not have won.  Wolverines couldn't stop the Gophers (461 yards of total offense for that bad Minny offense), and with Jake Rudock injured it did not appear UM would have enough offensively.  Credit some luck and Wilton Speight.  A win is a win.  Tracy Claeys?  I still have NO CLUE what he was doing at the end of that game.
  3. The Lions are so bad.
  4. What a win for the Pistons on Friday night against Chicago.  The building rocked and a young Detroit team stood toe to toe with the experienced Bulls and did not blink.  Marcus Morris is playing at a Men's League level right now.
  5. Alright here's my take on the Lions.  I cannot hold back anymore. Chiefs 45, Lions 10. This team needs four starting offensive lineman this spring.  FOUR.  They also need a QB who can make plays on his own once and a while.  Jim Caldwell defending Matt Stafford's two interceptions today is also ridiculous.  That is a 2-5 team they played in London and got embarrassed.  More tomorrow on "Dery and Sharp" at 3 pm on Detroit Sports 105-1.