Guy Tricks People Into Believing He's a NBA Draft Pick

Many young basketball players' dreams came true Thursday night at the NBA Draft. This guy lived the dream of being a brand new NBA player for the night, despite completely lying to everyone.

Connor Toole is a writer for Elite Daily. He also happens to be almost seven feet tall. This gave him the idea of wearing a suit and heading off to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the site of the 2015 NBA Draft. Basketball fans believed Toole was a NBA draft prospect and took photos with him.

Hell, Toole was so convincing that he managed to walk into the Barclays Center while the draft was taking place. However, the best part was when Toole became an unofficial member of the Utah Jazz and strolled around town. From free shots to pierced nipples, it's a good time to be an NBA player, even if it's for one night.

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