Age: 22

Hometown: Farmington Hills

Name 3 words to describe yourself: Honest, Sarcastic, Caring

Name your favorite sports team: Red Wings and it’s a very messy relationship with the Lions

What do you think is your best physical feature? Well I really like the freckle I have by my eyebrow and lip but I like a lot of my other ASSets…hehe

Who is your favorite sports mascot? Sparty is a stud

What is your favorite thing to do in Detroit? I’m a big fan of concerts, games, and breweries.

What sport(s) do you currently play or have in the past? I still ski and I’m very into yoga and working out. Back in the glory days I played boys lacrosse for 2 years and then girls lax for 6.

What other hobbies do you have? Is school a hobby?… I really enjoy painting and exploring new places and things when I have the spare time.

What is your favorite sport to watch and why? Football and hockey are about tied. I grew up with football and going to my brothers games. I still go to my younger brothers high school games, I get real intense. I love hockey because of the fast-pace and how action packed it is. (Freestyle skiing blows my mind to watch too).

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? I want to get into AcroYoga, I tried it in Ann Arbor this summer and loved it! Also, that I’m not Italian…or Chaldean…I’m Irish and Polish.

What is your favorite thing to eat at a game? Does beer count? I don’t think I ever eat at games. I’m a college student, I eat before.