Middle School Soccer Coach Suspended After 'Twerking' On Students At Party

A Florida teacher finds herself suspended after being accused of dancing inappropriately and drinking alcohol at a middle school soccer team party.

ActionNewsJax.com reports that Courtney Spruill was suspended without pay on July 1 by the Duval County School Board. Spruill is a teacher and assistant soccer coach at Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville, Fla.

The party allegedly took place at one of the player's homes in May with parents present. One student claimed Spruill told the players to put their phones away and proceeded twerk in front of them.

IF that wasn't enough, there is cell phone video of Spruill receiving a lap dance from a student. The district board members viewed the footage for themselves and noted in their investigation that Spruill displayed "the gross exercise of poor judgment."

One of the homeowners told the district that Spruill brought a bottle of vodka to the party (of course) but claims it was only a gift and no alcohol was consumed.