Meet The Saddest Man In Brazil After World Cup Defeat

Host nation Brazil did not end their World Cup run well after getting smashed by Germany 7-1 Tuesday (July 8) in a semi-final bout. Brazilian fans were undoubtedly upset, but some of their reactions are just downright heartbreaking.

The Independent pointed out the saddest of them all with one futbol lover clutching his replica FIFA World Cup trophy with teary eyes. It's like someone was beating his dog right in front of him. Even his mustache seemed lifeless watching Brazil's demise.

Leave it to the Internet to set this sad scene with one of the most depressing songs, Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence."

The beat up session on Brazil didn't just happen on the field. Even PornHub took a jab at the team after users kept uploading highlights of their defeat on the adult site.