Former Tiger Prince Fielder Gets Naked For ESPN Mag's 'Body Issue'

Former Tiger Prince Fielder didn't exactly part ways with Detroit in the best of terms. After being traded to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler in November, Fielder's season came to an end after just 42 games because of neck surgery. The slugger decided to spend his spare time baring it all for ESPN Magazine.

Fielder joins several athletes who each receive their own cover of "The Body Issue," which hits newsstands on July 11. ESPN shot a behind-the-scenes video of Fielder's photo shoot that can be viewed below.

"I'm getting to the age, you know, where I'm still in my prime but I got to be a little more smarter about my fitness as well as my nutrition," he says.

He continues: "A lot of people probably think I'm not athletic or don't even try to work out or whatever, but I do. Just because you're big doesn't mean you can't be an athlete. And just because you work out doesn't mean you're going to have a 12-pack. I work out to make sure I can do my job to the best of my ability. Other than that, I'm not going up there trying to be a fitness model."

Fielder isn't shy to show how much he loves food. "Obviously, I'm a big guy," he states. "But I also need to feed myself with the right things. I have a chef now, so it's definitely easier to make sure that I'm getting full off of the right foods. If I don't stay on it, it can get out of control."

That didn't stop Fielder from indulging in some comfort food once in a while, like helping himself to a fan's nachos back in September.