Charles Barkley Won't Apologize For Calling San Antonio Women Fat

NBA on TNT host Charles Barkley is well known for speaking his mind and not giving a damn about the consequences. That trend continues as Barkley refuses to say sorry for calling San Antonio women fat.

Barkley fueled the anger of San Antonio women last week with his comments during TNT's Inside the NBA“There’s some big ol’ women down there … that’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers,” said Sir Charles. “Victoria is definitely a secret.”

Naturally that did not sit well with the female population of San Antonio. Many pointed out that Barkley was being a hypocrite after he condemned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his racist comments. Others were accusing the former basketball great of being a bully.

One would assume Barkley would be pressured to apologize on the air for what he said.

Not a chance.

As USA Today shares, Chuck was defiant on Sunday (May 12) and refused to take back his comments. He even told viewers to not watch Inside the NBA if his words were that offensive.

On one hand, Barkley should get credit sticking by his statements, which were just jokes according to the video above. However, was getting a few laughs worth the backlash that his comments caused?

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