Soccer Player Tricked Into Wing Eating Contest Against Kobayashi

There were quite a few April Fools' Day jokes going around in the sports world. One of the best pranks we saw came courtesy of the New York Cosmos soccer team.

As Yahoo reports, the Cosmos had a team lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings while unfolding their plans on the unsuspecting Peri Marosevic. The restaurant manager offered a challenge to the former Michigan Wolverine soccer player: if he beat two of his employees in a wing eating contest, the Cosmos would eat for free.

Marosevic is known to be a big eater on the team so he accepted the challenge without hesitation. Unfortunately for him, one of the challengers was the world's greatest competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi. The world record holder in multiple eating competitions was disguised as a bus boy. Marosevic would soon find out that he was way out of his league against Kobayashi.  

The prank has been in the works since preseason several weeks ago.

“Peri is always talking about how he eats the most, and nobody contests it, so it was quietly building up. It fell into place,” Cosmos COO Erik Stover said. "The guys are always used to having cameras around them. It was easy to stage during lunch, so it was easy to pull off. It seemed normal to them.”