Watch Awesome Tetris Tribute During Sochi Paralympics Closing Ceremony

The 2014 Paralympic Winter Games came to a close tonight (March 16) in Sochi, Russia. There were many cool moments during the closing ceremony at Fisht Stadium, but the highlight was the popular video game Tetris getting its own moment to shine.

Bright 3-D blocks in Tetris-themed shapes appeared above the crowd spelling out, "Impossible." The nod to Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov was noticeably absent during the Olympics closing ceremony a few weeks ago, and now we know why. The inspiring ceremony was entitled, "Reaching the Impossible."

In an incredible feat of strength, Russian summer Paralympian Aleksey Chuvashev, who is missing both of his legs, climbed a rope more than 50 feet high above the blocks. Chuvashev moved another Tetris piece to create an apostrophe between "I" and "M," turning "impossible" into "I'm Possible."

Watch the impressive segment below.