Idiot UC Santa Barbara Bro Confronts Hawaii Coach During Game

College basketball has been experiencing a worrisome trend within the last month between players and fans. The latest incident took place last night (March 6) as a fan ran onto the court during the UC Santa Barbara-Hawaii game.

Hawaii coach Gib Arnold walked onto the court to argue a call against his team. While Arnold was being restrained by his players, a UCSB fan ran down the stands and across the court to confront Hawaii's coach. Hawaii players Christian Standhardinger and Garrett Nevels shoved the idiot away from the bench.

The fan, who has yet to be identified, dared the team to come after him as he ran back to the stands. Watch the incident below.

The presumed student was eventually escorted out of the arena, but many have questioned how he was able to storm the court so easily. He could be expelled from the school as punishment.

"Historically when things like this happen, the student, who was arrested, would go in front of Judicial Affairs, which is part of Student Affairs," UCSB spokesman Bill Mahoney told ESPN. "The extent of his punishment would be speculation, but I would doubt it will be mild."

Last night's altercation follow's last week's brawl between New Mexico State players and Utah Valley fans. In February, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart was suspended three games for getting into it with a fan behind the basket.