'Full House' Commercial To Air During Super Bowl

People love to feel nostalgic. The '80s have been revered, but now it seems the '90s has become the decade of choice. Full House was one of the biggest TV shows during that era and now cast members from the sitcom are reuniting for a Super Bowl ad.

The Greek yogurt trend has been growing for awhile now. Dannon has their own strained yogurt line called Oikos, and have recruited the men of Full House for a new Super Bowl ad. That's right: Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jesse are together again.

In a teaser clip that you can watch below, John Stamos is apparently watching the big game while eating Oikos. Once the program ends, Stamos turns around to ask Dave Coulier and Bob Sagat if it's time to go to bed. Sagat then suggests that maybe the men should get their own places. Stamos and Coulier seem to disagree.

This marks the second iconic '90s show to reunite its cast members for the big game. Last week key Seinfeld members Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David were spotted filming at Tom's Restaurant in New York City, whose exterior served as the facade of Monk's Diner where the characters frequently gathered. While members of the production crew said it was for a Super Bowl ad, Seinfeld, Alexander and David have denied it.

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