Jerry Stackhouse Carries His Dog In A Purse

Former Detroit Pistons star and current Fox Sports Detroit analyst Jerry Stackhouse is very secure with his masculinity. If you have your doubts, check out Stackhouse carrying his dog in a purse.

TMZ caught up with Stackhouse at the Los Angeles International Airport, asking him mundane questions like his preference between New York and L.A. pizza. The great part about this run-in is seeing what the former North Carolina Tar Heel has in his bag: an adorable little dog.

This isn't just any kind of bag. It's a fancy looking purse where you can see through the side and have a furry canine staring right back at you. You can view the encounter below.

The only thing that could make this more perfect is if Jerry Stackhouse outfitted his pooch with dog-sized Fila Stackhouse shoes.


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