Eminem, Kanye West Too Expensive For Super Bowl Party

How much do you think it would cost to book hip-hop superstars Eminem or Kanye West? If you don't have seven figures in mind, they're probably out of your budget.

According to TMZ, NFL team owners plan to throw a lavish bash during Super Bowl weekend in New York and wanted a big name headliner to entertain 1,500 party goers after dinner. One of those potential headliners was Detroit rapper Eminem, but his asking price was apparently $2 million. That was a bit too expensive even for NFL team owners.

Party organizers were also interested in "Gold Digger" hitmaker Kanye West. However, his asking price was too high as well at $1 million. According to a source that TMZ talked to, Yeezy's fee "was $1 million, plus plus plus a lot of other perks."

The group finally decided on R&B singer Janelle Monae for a more reasonable $150,000 price tag. We assume the food spread will be amazing after all the money the team owners saved.

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