High School Basketball Coach Resigns After Claims Of Biting His Own Player

This high school basketball coach has resigned due to reports surfacing that he bit one of his own players on the face.

Deadspin reports that Leake Academy girls basketball coach Doyle Wolverton, who is the second-winningest in the nation, stepped down from his post on Monday (November 18). An incident report filed with the Leake County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi indicates that Wolverton allegedly bit one of his players during a game against Columbia Academy last week.

The report reads that Wolverton grabbed a player "by the shirt and then bit her on the right side of the face,” reportedly Wolverton's reaction to a bad play made by the girl. Toby Thaggard is apparently the girl's father who filed the incident report but will not press any charges. The document also states that Thaggard took his daughter to the emergency room to treat a “bruised bite mark on the lower right side of her face."

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