Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Buys PS4s For Fans

Today (November 15) is a big day for gamers as the PlayStation 4 video game console launched right at midnight. Die hard fans waited in line for hours to be one of the first to play Sony's new system. A few lucky customers waiting in line at a Dallas-area Walmart had their PlayStation 4s paid for by Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

As shared by Kotaku, Bryant was on hand at this particular Walmart for the midnight release of the PS4. News of the Texas native's generosity spread throughout Twitter and Facebook, with one of the fortunate recipients posting a photo of his new gift.

Despite what @BRedLove tweeted, it was a Walmart and not Best Buy.

That's a pretty generous gesture from Bryant, who could use the good PR after cameras showed the wide out fuming at his own team during a loss against the Detroit Lions a few weeks ago. Don't forget that Dez Bryant publicly said he could do anything Lions superstar receiver Calvin Johnson could do days before that game. Hopefully Megatron decides to match Bryant's good deed here in Detroit.