Cavs Sideline Reporter Isn't Fazed By Basketball To The Head

Sideline reporters often do not get enough credit for the potential work hazards they're put in. From getting hit with a foul ball to being run over at football practice, it can be rough for those that work hard to get us the inside scoop of our favorite teams. The latest incident comes courtesy of Cleveland Cavaliers sideline reporter Allie Clifton and the complete professionalism she displays.

As Deadspin reports, Clifton was telling viewers about Minnesota Timberwolves center Nikola Peković's recent hot streak last night (November 13) before their game against the Cavs. Clifton's position behind the net that Cleveland was practice shooting on proved to be an unfortunate choice, as one of the basketballs bounced off the court and right on the Fox Sports Ohio reporter's head.

To Clifton's credit, she did not skip a beat after she got hit on the head and continued reporting. We give her even more props for keeping that cute smile despite the mishap.